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We partner with a variety of accommodation types from two to five-star, including city centre hotels, hotel groups, country spa hotels and luxurious castles. We deliver guests from new untapped markets and we are continuously attracting quality properties from all over the world.

Central Reservations effortlessly delivers more guests to your hotel door, increasing your occupancy, revenue and yield. Visitors to our site can fully research, plan and book your hotel by matching their requirements with what your hotel has to offer. We market and sell your hotel rooms globally via Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation marketing backed up with extensive television advertising campaigns.

We offer the lowest commissions and an efficient streamlined booking service to ensure you receive confirmation of all bookings immediately. You will stay in full control of your rates and availability and with our intuitive management system you'll save time and money while having access to a wide range of reporting facilities. Selling your rooms is our business!

What will do for your hotel

- Delivers more guests to your hotel door

- Sells your hotel rooms globally

- Offers the lowest commissions

- Benefit from our expertise in PPC, SEO and   our television advertising campaigns and you   will see your revenue increase dramatically   when you partner with us